On the Road Again is sidelined for an unknown period of time.

We don't know when or if we'll be back on line.

Americans are being stupid - or at least half of them - by not get vaccinated or wearing masks.

Because this virus mutates rapidly, it will continue to spread.  It may not kill you, but then again, it might.  But, one thing is for sure:

As long as people don't give a shit about others, this virus will be with us forever.


As long as people are stupid enough to believe the Big Lie (Trump won the 2020 election), there will be nothing but turmoil in the country.

Any Republican who still supports Trump and his BIG LIE, should be voted out of office.  Why?

Because Trump and his "deplorables" continue to believe shit like Democrats are running a pedophile ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor and a secret base on the moon, there is NO HOPE for American democracy.  You can not have a democracy based on lies, only dictators.  And that's what Trump and at least one of his minions want: "Trump should be President for life!"

That, folks, is the very definition of a dictator.