Donald Trump is a traitor! Impeach him!

The Russians pay Afghans to murder US troops in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump does absolutely nothing.  Traitor!

Enough is enough.  As military veterans, we find the use of a military medical helicopter to disperse non-violent protesters disgusting, not to mention a violation of American law and the Geneva Conventions! ON OUR OWN COUNTRYMEN!

A pandemic strikes the nation and Trump administration fails to respond and now thousands have died for it.  Trump creates chaos with outright lies and blames everyone else for the problem.

Now HE owns the virus.

The man is dangerously incompetent.

Adding to our disgust, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, knew the Russians had paid Afghani’s to murder American soldiers and did nothing about it.  And, then, he lies about it.

Nor does he respond!  What does Putin have on on Trump, when the President of the United States allows this to happen on his watch?

12 Jul 2020, 3:04 AM (GMT)

Trumpvirus Stats

3,355,646 Total Cases
137,403 Death Cases
1,490,446 Recovered Cases


Because of the corona virus ravaging our country, our traveling days are done.  We cancelled the scheduled five concerts and a trip to Norway that we were in the planning stages of development.  Unless they come up with a cure, treatment, or a vaccine, our traveling days are finished; for folks our age, it isn’t safe to be around people for the time being.  Sad.

Take care,

Robert and Peggy



Shelter in place!  Stay alive!

No treatment.

No cure.

No vaccine.

Don’t be a Covidiot!

Respect others.

Adventures! New adventures are on hold while the world struggles with the Coronavirus and Nero fiddles.

Fun Stuff!

Favorite Road Signs

Outside Heidelberg, Germany

Watch out for those drempels!!!

Now THAT'S funny!

Well, duh. New Mexico

Of course, it is.

So, have your accident somewhere else.

So that's how they got their name!

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Longest Road Trip

Back to the East Coast - 9800 miles/89 days
Back to the East Coast – 9800 miles/89 days

Favorite Festival!

Sasquatch 2018  - the Last Year
Sasquatch 2018 – the Last Year

Favorite Concert!

Pink Floyd, August 13th 1994 - Hockenheimring, Germany
Pink Floyd, August 13th 1994 – Hockenheimring, Germany

Skier's Favorite Transportation

A great day for skiing on Mt. Ashland!  Circa early 1970's
A great day for skiing on Mt. Ashland! Circa early 1970’s

How Bear Creek Got It's Name

While on his walk one morning, Robert ran into a “small” black bear; 400 pounds or so.  Fumbling with the cell phone camera while walking (and trying to maintain a respectable distance), didn’t lend itself to great pictures, but you get the idea.

Favorite Band - The Lunatics United

Lunatics warming up for a practice session.

About Us

Wedding Day, October 10, 1981.

We’re Robert and Peggy Stermer-Cox and we love to travel!  After Peggy’s joining the Army in 1981, we were stationed in Washington, DC; Alaska; Germany (twice); Portland, OR; and Seattle, WA.  Plus temporary duty (TDY) at a few others.

While in Europe, we traveled as much as we could.  We enjoyed a New Year’s Eve on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, watched bullfights in Pamplona, sipped coffee in the cafés of Vienna, partied at Oktoberfest in Munich, wandered the canal’s of Amsterdam, and toured locally in the Heidelberg area where we were stationed.

After retiring, we traveled more: going back East twice; checked out ghost towns in Nevada, were campground hosts at Bryce Canyon, UT, and made several trips to Albuquerque, NM to see relatives and go to the balloon festival.  Not to mention various camping trips around the Pacific Northwest, where we live today.

The last few years we’ve based most trips on concerts.  We attended the final (sadly) Sasquatch Music Festival and Tom Petty’s Seattle concert just before he died.  We’ve seen Eric Burdon and the Animals, Jethro Tull, Beck, Alabama Shakes, Irontom, Spoon, AWOLnation, and many more.

We were so much older then, but, we’re younger than that now.

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