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Wedding Day - October 10, 1981We were much older then, but we're younger than that now.
Wedding Day – October 10, 1981
We were much older then,
but we’re younger than that now.
We're a Log Cabin Romance!
We’re a Log Cabin Romance!

We’re Robert and Peggy Stermer-Cox and we are consumed by wanderlust. We come by it naturally. Robert’s a military brat and Peggy (arriving in the world in Barcelona, Spain) spent 20 years wandering to various locations for Uncle Sam’s Army. We’ve become world travelers, thanks to that military lifestyle.

Even since retiring, we can’t seem to find a cure for itchy feet. We campground hosted at Bryce Canyon National Park and Calf Creek Falls Campground. We drifted back East to visit friends in Kentucky; relatives in New Mexico; and on and on and on. Evidently, one doesn’t outgrown inquisitiveness or curiosity, it just ends up costing you more.

We met in Ashland, Oregon at the Log Cabin tavern when Robert was living in a funky trailer in Talent, Oregon. The trailer was down the block from where the old Lithia drive-in theater used to be. A large field with cows separated us from everyone else. It was small, but quite cozy.

We lived in a sort of peaceful bliss until Robert graduated from Southern Oregon College (now University) and Peggy decided to join the Army.

We were married in Silver City, NM just before Peggy shipped out.

Thirty-some years later, The Cabin is, alas, gone, as is the Talent trailer, but we remain. In fact, we’ve come full circle, living in a manufactured home in Talent once again. Ain’t life great?

Oh, and Silver City is still there, too.


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