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Bryce Canyon Hosting- 2006

Bryce Canyon, UT

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Bryce Canyon, UT 37.674174, -112.155476

Wandering the trails...

Wandering the Happy Trails!
Wandering the Happy Trails!

Excurtions to the hinterlands...

Excursions into the Hinterland
Excursions into the Hinterland

In 2005, we put an application in to Good Sam (we were RVer’s back then) to be campground hosts at Bryce Canyon. We didn’t hear anything for several months until early 2006 when we got a letter from Good Sam telling us they couldn’t get us a job at Bryce. We were a little disappointed, but it was no big deal. That very afternoon, we get a call from the volunteer coordinator at Bryce Canyon, asking us if we would like to host at Bryce this year. Well, duh! When do we show up?

July, it turns out. Well, a little earlier for glad handing and briefings. Hey! It’s the government – got to have them briefings!

We met our co-host, worked out a schedule (four days on, four days off), met more people, and generally do all the things needed to take over a shift.

We thoroughly enjoyed the folks we worked with; both civilian and government. The co-host were wonderful folks and our “Change-over parties” were quite fun!

The staff and especially the Ranger’s, backed us anytime we had a problem with campers – even at zero dark 30. Our instructions were: if you have a problem with a camper and they don’t respond to your requests, call the Rangers. Never argue with a camper. So we didn’t. We just dialed R-A-N-G-E-R on our walk-talky.

The four days on/off schedule was perfect! Four days was enough to go exploring and that’s what we did! We did a lot of the trips in Bryce; went out Burr Trail Road, up to Hell’s Backbone Bridge, and a lot of little side trips. And, of course, there are lots of trails in Bryce Canyon itself: Tower, Hat Shop, Navajo, Fairyland, Rim, and so on. We did most of the trails on our days off, but we saved a couple for the next trip.

Bryce Canyon is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Spectacular hoodoos, carved from centuries of wind, rain, and snow, are humbling to walk through. The colors are brilliant against the incredibly blue skies over Utah. It’s a trip to an alien universe.