Lunatics United

When we were stationed in Germany, we were introduced to a bunch of wild and crazy guys that happened to be very good musicians and became good friends and fans.  Bodo played guitar, Torston on bass, Mike on drums, and Markus was the lead singer.  Oddly enough, Bodo was trained as a classical guitarist and Markus was (is?) studying opera (he’d make a great Figaro!).  Mike was a most excellent drummer and Torston was honored by his peers when he was voted best bass player in Germany.

Bodo’s gone now, tormented by conditions brought on from a motorcycle accident, and the band has broken up.  Torston has returned to a former career (too bad – he was awesome!), Markus still works for a large corporation, and Mike has wandered off somewhere.  Robert would go to their practice sessions, built a web site for them, and generally played roadie.  Plus, they had a firm grasp of how to party…

One of the guys had a gardenplatz – where you lease a small plot of land to grow a garden, have parties, and relax.  You can see in that series, it was serious eating and drinking going on and, yes, Bodo is rolling a blunt.


Markus and Torston are playing again!  Awesome!

Looney Toons

[cue id=”11460″]

At a Gig

Garden Party



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