Pink Floyd

A spectacular concert by Pink Floyd – complete with the flying pig – was in store for us!  With an estimated 100,000 plus fans, it was probably the largest of the European tour, according to one blog.  Statistics are hard to find, but as someone who was there, we can tell you there were AT LEAST that many and probably more.  The place was jammed packed.

We were treated to a superb couple of hours of music.  We were about 2/3 of the way back (no need of even thinking about getting close to the stage), left-center and a “fur piece” to the stage.  Massive speakers insured great sound everywhere.  The famous screen setup was there along with the pig and all the other things that make PF’s concerts so great.  And the laser show!!!  The entire evening was indescribably fun!

No photo’s; we bicycled in from the golf course and didn’t want to carry anything in.

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