Sasquatch 2009

In 2009 we decided to go to Sasquatch Festival.  We'd been to some exceptional concerts, including Pink Floyd at Hockenheimring in Germany (with 120,000 Germans singing along), King Crimson at Merryweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, but we'd never been to a festival.  We were prodded after we had watched a video of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals playing in Toronto in 2007 and were impressed.  So, when the opportunity came to see him, we decided to head to Sasquatch.

If you've never been to The Gorge Amphitheater in Quincy, Washington, you are missing one of the top 15 venues WORLD WIDE!  Ben Harper commented that The Gorge was the most beautiful he'd be in and for good reason.  The sun setting behind the stage is a awesome view and no matter who's playing, it sounds GREAT!  This was our second trip to The Gorge, the first time was to see Paul Rodgers of Bad Company (Robert was their webmaster at the time).

Batsy the VW Vanagon
Batsy the VW Vanagon

Our transportation at the time was a VW pop-top camper (you're basic Hippie Mobile), which lead to some funny situations.  At the end of the hippie era (1969), Peggy was 12 and Robert was in Vietnam (yes, yes, he robbed the cradle some 12 years later), so neither one of us was ever a hippie.  We get to the campground, get set up, and get ready to party!  Within the first hour, a young woman from Canada dropped by and asked if we had any "mushies" (magic mushrooms).  No, sorry, was the response.  The the next day a young man asked Robert if he'd ever taken LSD?  He wanted to know because he was going to take his first hit and wanted to know what to do.  "Go with the flow." was Robert's response.  After the guy left, Robert turned to Peggy and asked "Ok, do we have 'Hippie' tattooed on our foreheads (reminiscent of Berlin)?  And there were other things like that.  I guess if you drive a hippie mobile you should expect that.

We spent the next three days with Ben Harper & Relentless7, Kings of Leon, The Decemberists, Nine Inch NailsFleet Foxes, and TV on the Radio.  Plus, more artists than we'd ever heard of and really enjoyed checking out.  We liked some; hated others.  One group that was supposed to be one of the main attractions, turned out to be a drunken fool, mumbling as he rolled around on the floor and was, generally, a pain in the ass.  But, other than that, the music over the three days was great!  Well worth the cost.

Ben Harper was the closing act and even though we wanted to see the IC with bassist, Juan Nelson, the Restless 7 was a great band and a great way to close out a great Sasquatch Festival!  Is that too many "greats"?  Great!

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