Gipsy Kings 2016

Un-Bloody Believable!

Picture this: a lively, animated, enthusiastic band playing exciting music of Spanish origin, looking out over an audience sitting on their asses.  Adding insult to injury, one woman FELL ASLEEP!  And, considering the band encouraged people to clap, stand, and dance on FOUR OCCASIONS, it is a tribute to their love of music and their professionalism, that the Gipsy Kings continued to play with the same enthusiasm all through the performance and didn’t flip off the audience and go home.

Notice the people sitting?

Let us say this as clearly as possible: band’s WANT YOU to stand and clap and sing and dance and show them that you are enjoying yourself. And if you don’t want to do that, then stay home and turn on the stereo or iPod or whatever and leave the tickets for someone who cares.

We had blanket seats (down in front), stage right (left from our point of view).  There was a group in front of us and another row of blankets to the left and two blanket behind us.  This little enclave of fans, including us, stood and danced from the first note until the end of the concert.  It wasn’t until two songs from the end of the main performance, that people FINALLY got of their butts and started dancing.  But, from the start until the time people started to respond, where do you think the band looked for feedback?  To the group of fans stage right that stood, danced, sang, clapped, hooted and hollered, of course.  Would you want to see a sea of people on their butts while you played your heart out?

Formed in the ’70’s in France, the Gipsy Kings is a combination of two families ( which leads to a very large band.  All the more fun!  The music was electrifying and infectious!  At times we were taken back to Barcelona and the evening we went to a flamenco nightclub (as seen else where on this site).  Robert had visions of a Carlos Montoya concert he attended.  It was a most thrilling concert!

Back in the ’60’s, Robert and his friend, Steve, went to see the Mamas and Papas in Portland.  The opening band was Vanilla Fudge!  That same contradiction in music occurred at the Gipsy Kings when a jazz oriented group was the warm-up group.  The Galen Weston Band is an international band composed of members from various countries.  It’s a good, jazz oriented band where one can close ones’ eyes and image being in a small jazz night club with them.  But not as the lead off band for the Gipsy Kings; the dichotomy was just too great.

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