Tedeschi Trucks

We’re learning that Tedeschi Trucks Band ALWAYS puts on a great show.  From the moment they take the stage to the final note, it’s rock and roll at it’s best.  But the show in Albuquerque FAR surpasses anything we’ve seen and we’ve seen a bunch.  THIS show was the most innovative show ever.

It was a dark and stormy night again and things weren’t looking good for the concert.  Besides the TTB, Hot Tuna and the Wood Brothers were also on the billing and Susan was rumored to play with Hot Tuna. But, as we drove up Tramway Boulevard in our limo (we splurged along with two of Peggy’s sisters), the Sandia mountains were ablaze with lightening with thunder rolling down the slopes to the valley below.  An incredibly HUGE rainbow ran from the area where the mountains greet I-40 all the way up to where Tramway turns west.  It was astounding!  But lightning and stages with tons of electrical equipment simply don’t mix and we were wondering what effect it would have on the evening.

The doors were supposed to open at 1900, but when we got there, they hadn’t opened the doors and were waiting to see what happens with the weather.  A few minutes later they announced the doors would open at 1945 and the concert would begin at 2015.  Cool.  Enough time to finish our drinks, prepare for the concert, and get to our seats.  The seats we never sat in.  Despite being told that it wasn’t possible, people headed to an area in front of the stage and started to dance (but only those of us that bought the more expensive seats down front could get in the area).  So, after no staff member told people to sit down, we joined the group in front; just right of the center of the stage.  The only question remaining was: how do you fit three bands into the time allotted to just one?  Then came the answer: the Tedeschi Truck Review was about to start!  “Ok?”, we thought, what’s this about?

Close to the start time, Tedeschi Trucks took to the stage and did what they do best: rock and roll!  Susan, Derek, and the band wailed!  The third song in, they brought out Hot Tuna and with some of TTB going off stage and formed a whole new group!  The two groups then played as one, like they’d been playing together for years!  after that, Hot Tuna took the stage by themselves for a couple of tunes and back came TTB to jam again!  Awesome!!  Hot Tuna departed to an appreciative audience and TTB rocked on for a few more tunes, then they did the same thing with the Wood Brothers!  We got more bands that we bargained for: TTB, TTB/HT, HT, TTB/WB, WB!  Five for the price of three!

Besides the absolutely fantastic music, they way they bands presented the music was a real treat!  Take three bands, interweave them, produce the unexpected and you have the makings of an extraordinary night of music:

The Tedeschi Trucks Band Review!

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