Gipsy Kings

Our trip down to Reno was two-fold: see the Gipsy Kings again and, best of all, visit with our friends, Steve and Barb.  Steve and Robert have known each other since 1964 when they were stationed in the Air Force together at Naselle Air Force Station (now a youth camp – some things never change) and was Robert’s Best Man at his first wedding.  Losing contact for several years, this would be only the third time they have seen each other since 1975!

We spent some time at gambling, losing as usual.  We ate as much cheap restaurant food as we could stand, washing it down with various beers and cocktails.

The gathering was to be Thursday thru Sunday, then return home Monday.  So, we all met at the Sands motel (never again), got checked in and, of course, headed for the bar.  We enjoyed catching up and planning for the next three days.


We spent Friday visiting and getting excited about the Gipsy Kings.  We all enjoyed the group and the concert of theirs at Britt was wonderful – even with the crappy audience that refused to dance.  Dancing was a similar problem at the indoor venue, but that didn’t stop people.  They had an area set up to the side of the stage for people to dance and, of course, that was the first place we headed (Steve and Barb remained seated – getting old has been harder on him than Robert, so far).  It wasn’t too long before the infectious music had most of the audience on their feet.  Even a “bunny-hop” style dance chain started around the venue!

The concert was fun and people seemed to have a great time – we did!


Saturday was a hoot!  We hopped in the car and drove down to the Camel Races in Virginia City.  Sitting near the place where they were holding camel rides, it didn’t take long for Peggy to head over and hop on Clyde for a trip around the arena.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er, table, Barb, Robert, and Steve continue to imbibe.

You can see from the videos how crazy the racing is, especially when your critter doesn’t cooperate.

Hi, Ho! Clyde!
Hi, Ho! Clyde!
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