Rival Sons

Rival Sons

We headed up to Portland to see Rival Sons at the Crystal Ballroom.

The Crystal is one of our favorite venues; it’s small, in a 100+ year old building, and has the only spring-loaded dance floor in the country.  It’s owned by McMenamins and is surrounded by several separate establishments: restaurants, bars, and a hotel.  We stayed at the hotel again and, again, enjoyed ourselves.

We ate dinner at Ringlers and spent enough to earn a place in the by-pass lane (go to the front of the line), but when we got there, some guy without his tickets held up our side.  After explaining to him that his tickets were “will call”, he finally got out of the way.

It was a light crowd – if they made it to 500 we’d be surprised.  The first band was a solo act, singer/guitar.  Good at both.  The count doubled to two with the next act: singer-guitar/drummer.  And, finally, with Rival Sons, four took the stage.

The show was what we expected: heavy metal with over tones of Zeppelin, Who, Stones, and even a little Trapeze, maybe. Their lead, Jay Buchanan, makes great use of James Browns’ famous howl.  He’s pretty good at it, but he uses it way too much.

The lead “group” had the stage for about 45 minutes, the second about an hour, and Rival Sons started around 2130 and rocked out until just after midnight.  They did take an odd break about 45 minutes into the show.

All-in-all is was a good old rock and roll show for those of us who like Zeppelin and the like…

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