X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors at Roseland.

The X Ambassadors played to a small, but enthusiastic crowd at the Roseland Theater in Portland Friday night.  It's too bad that the crowd was so small (less than 800 in a 1400 capacity), considering the popularity of the group.  But that didn't slow the group down in the slightest.

Sam Harris and brother, Casey, are, obviously, enjoying themselves.  Sam is an incredible singer and a brilliant entertainer.  Keyboardist, Casey lets his hands express his music; his dancing, his joy of music.  Drummer, Adam Levin is a founding member along with the brothers.  Guitarist, Russ Flynn has been a touring member of the band since 2016 when another founding member, Noah Feldshuh – lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals - went on hiatus.

When you watch this 45 second video we took, you can see why the brothers are the center of attention.

X Ambassadors brought along a couple of groups, neither of which were memorable.  The first, featuring a young woman, has a long way to go.  But, then, that's why they're lead off bands for groups like X Ambassadors.  The second group needs to reign in their cymbal-happy drummer.  You can't hear anyone else but him.

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