San Sebastian

Our first stop in Spain after switching trains (tracks are different) in Irun, was San Sebastian – a resort on the Bay of Biscay.  From here we took a side trip to Elizondo, but for the most part, just enjoyed the city.

The most interesting dining experience happened to us here.  We went to a restaurant recommended by the hotel where we stayed.  We walked into this very eclectic place with black walls and velvet paints.  A rather large woman seated us and that’s where the fun began: Robert trying to remember Spanish lessons from 30 years earlier.  He was terrible and the poor woman (and Robert) were getting frustrated.  Finally, in his absolute best Spanish, he said: “I would like what you would like.”  He, obviously, was correct enough to be understood because the woman got an incredible smile on her face and for the next hour brought out plate after plate of goodies – most of which, except for a whole fish, we have no idea what it was!  But it sure was gooooood!

San Sebastian, Spain

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San Sebastian, Spain 43.322400, -1.983890