Not on our original itinerary, we got to Spain during San Fermin Festival in Pamplona – the one with the running of the bulls – so we cut our San Sebastian stay a day short and headed to Pamplona.  Robert had been there before (not so young and stupid that he tried to run with the bulls) and knew it was really just an excuse to party.  You’ll notice that folks wear red: red hats, red bandannas, red belt, red shoes – only the shirt and pants remain white.  It is the object (or so the young airman there thought) to turn your shirt and pants red with wine spills.

Robert attended a bullfight back then and thought it was very interesting and we can not be judgmental about others’ cultures.  Not this time.  This time Robert couldn’t stay and watch.  Even with the pageantry, it’s still gruesome, and we left within 15 minutes.  Funny how times change our attitudes.

It was still fun to party and that we did with some folks we met.


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Pamplona 42.818500, -1.644260