Madrid was a continuation of the great time we were having.  It started off a little rocky; the hostel we were staying in to start was noisy, so we left the next morning and wandered off to find a hotel.  We didn’t have far to go.  We walked out of the side street and we were on the Puerta del Sol.  Off to our left was the Hotel Paris.  The Hotel Paris in Madrid.  Go figure.

We went to the Hotel and found they had a room available – overlooking the Puerta no less.  It was a wonderful and not too expensive place with very good service and a delightful patio for lounging around – a job we were becoming particularly skilled.  Food was never a problem and it was great to find a whole bunch of tapas bars down one of the streets off the Puerta.

No trip to Madrid for an artist will be complete until a visit to the Prada, so off we went to see Picasso and more.  We spent the day wandering the halls and enjoying wonderful art.

We met some really nice folks in the hotel.  Betty Jo and Vic were from Boise and we spent a few hours visiting and comparing adventures in Madrid.  We keep track of them over the years and we were saved by their incredible generosity many years later.  They are a delight to be with; great conversationalists; and all around nice people.  We thank them for turning a disaster into a delight when our faithful Silver came up lame in the Steens Mountains of eastern Oregon.