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Wurzburg 49.792500, 9.932970
Ain’t he cute?

Wurzburg is a city where Robert’s father was stationed in the mid 1950’s.  They first had an apartment in downtown Wurzburg that only half of which had been rebuilt after WWII (probably 1954/5 about ten years later). Marienberg Fortress was one of the many places young Robert (after a many school field trip) came to know and enjoy. He felt the same way some 30 years+ later: what a neat place!

One of our usual there-and-back trips, we spent the day wandering the fortress grounds.  The view of the city from there was spectacular.  Robert had no idea where the apartment they lived in was located, so we didn’t go into town.

Oh, and the well at the fortress?  It’s not as deep as it was in the 1950’s. Either that or a ten year old’s imagination was running away with him…