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Berlin 52.517000, 13.388900

The wall had fallen not too many years before we arrived in Europe and we were curious as to what the area looked like. Not much was left of the wall, so we bought a small piece, nicely marketed, easily transported.

We were standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate, one chilly morning.  We were staring at the gate, introspect with our thoughts, when, in English, someone said: “Would you take my picture, please.”  And there stood a Japanese woman, a tourist.  After obliging her and she left, Robert turned to Peggy: “Do we have ‘American’ stamped on our foreheads or something?” I guess the giveaway must be the cameras we lugged around because neither of us had spoken for several minutes before the woman ask us to take her picture.

Americans, by the way, are truly, “ugly Americans”. It was easy to tell who were the Americans in restaurants: they were always the loudest, most obnoxious folks in the place.  Americans were arrogant, never wrong, always bitching about something, and volumes above everyone else. Quite often it was embarrassing for our country.

Here’s some videos of the adventure: